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Post directly to your social media with ease. Never worry about how to market your business, let your statisfied customers do the talking for you

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Automating your social media posting increases your business productivity while still getting the benefits of bringing in new or returning clients

__ Share Written and Video Reviews

Automatically share Written and Video Reviews to your social media

As business owners, we are always busy and running a million miles a minute. Because of this, most owners cannot find the time to create content and post it on their social media sites. The SoTellUs platform takes your greatest written and video reviews and automatically shares them to your social media for you relieving the pressure of constantly creating new content and finding time to post it.

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__ Automated Social Posting

Schedule when to share your reviews to your social media

We manage sharing your reviews automatically to your social media so you don't have to, you can even schedule how often we share them so that you can reach the most potential customers based off of your desired schedule. Never worry about posting something on social media again because SoTellUs puts it on autopilot for you!

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SoTellUs Post to your Google My Business automatically so that you can stay relevant and active in googles eyes.

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