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3 easy ways to get customer reviews

Whether you are using SoTellUs to send out a single review invite or scheduling invitations to all of your clients, you can choose where you want to guide your clients to leave a review. Whether you want it to be on Facebook, Google, SoTellUs or thousands of other review sites, SoTellUs will get you reviews where you want them most.

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SoTellUs automated invite system allowed me to send 1,000's of invites to previous clients I've had in a few clicks. It removed the need to send them one by one.

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Send a Single Invite via Text or Email through the SoTellUs App

With the click of a button you can use the SoTellUs app on your phone to send your client a text message or email invite to give you a review. Your client will instantly receive the invitation with a link to review your business. In less than 30 seconds your client will be directed to leave a review on the review sites you care about most.

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Send a review invite to all of your clients in just a couple clicks

Using our automated invite system we made it easy to send out invites in just a matter of a couple clicks. All you need is a CSV file with all you client names and contact information and our system will take care of the rest, it's that easy!

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SoTellUs connects to 3,000+ different software programs to easily automate your review invites to your clients

SoTellUs integrates with over 3,000 different software programs like Salesforce, Jobber, Housecall Pro, The CustomerFactor, Quickbooks Online and 1,000's more using Zapier. This gives you the ability to send out review invites automatically when you close out a job, get payment for an invoice or complete a project. No need to worry about whether you remembered to send out an invite because SoTellUs connects to the software you are already using every day and does the work for you!

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Sending out invites instantly after your client interaction increases your review completion rate by nearly 95%

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SoTellUs is the only comprehensive platform for customer experience that offers a range of products that scale with your business. Check out our other products that work well with SoTellUs Automated Invites.

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