ClickCease Livechat + Automated Lead Capture

Livechat + Automated Lead Capture.

Put Livechat on your website and never miss a lead, receive all incoming chats instantly on your phone and other devices

People that chat with you on your website are nearly 3x more likely to purchase from you than ones who don't have SoTellUs Chat.


Get instant access anywhere directly through your phone

There is no need to be on standby, waiting for someone to message you. SoTellUs Live chat eliminates the need to be stuck in font of a computer. The second someone starts a chat on your website, we will notify you via text message with a link to start chatting with them through the browser on your phone, giving you access anywhere at anytime.

SoTellUs Chat from anywhere
Receive notifications with SoTellUs Chat


SoTellUs Chat is always live at a moments notice.

You will instantly receive a notification via your phone when a lead is trying to contact you through live chat. That way you can start chatting with your customer/client right away.


Keep your leads engaged when you can't connect with them

SoTellUs Chat has your back even when you are not able to connect with a customer. Lead capture mode keeps your lead engaged automagically utilizing our lead capture system. It will ask them what they need and capture their contact preference, whether it be a text message, email or phone call. From there you can get in contact with them how they prefer.

Capture leads with SoTellUs Chat

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