About SoTellUs

SoTellUs is a proprietary and Patent Pending software that gets you reviews and referrals like no other system on the planet. We are the only review system recognized by Google that gets video reviews. In less then 30 seconds our system will get you video, audio, and written reviews from your customers. When asked 40% of people will give a video review. The other 60% would rather give a written review and thats ok too. This is why we give your clients an option of what they would like to do. But we collect 100% more video reviews then anyone else because we are the only video review system.

With the ease of getting a review our clients have 95% of their customers give a review. With other review systems that only send invites have a much lower success rate collecting reviews. We give you so many options to easily collect reviews from your client that we take out all the stress and pain of capturing your happy customers and sharing those reviews with the world. Since we are a real review system and we build all our own software in house we also get to do cool things like build in an awesome referral system. SoTellUs makes it easy for your clients to share a special offer with their Facebook friends and when their friends and family claim that special offer it tracks it back to them so you can thank them for that referral. Plain and simple SoTellUs is more powerful, easier, and more effective then any other review system on the planet because SoTellUs is more then just a review system!

Now say that you only want Google, Facebook, Zillow, or reviews from on somewhere else. No worries we have you covered! When your customers choose to do a written review our system will ask them to do the review on which ever platform you specify but we take it once step further, if they can't give you a review on that system then as a second option they can leave you a written review with SoTellUs. This way you still capture that powerful review. Here is an example: We had a client who got 108 reviews, all of them were asked to leave a Google review, out of the 108 only 8 said they could give a Google review cause they had a Google account, but thats ok because SoTellUs still collected the other 100. That customer would have lost 100 reviews using the other review systems out there. We don't mean to brag but we are very proud of the system we have created and have extreme confidence in the results we provide for our customers. This is why SoTellUs is a month to month program and we don't lock you into a contract. Every month we have to earn your business. If these other guys are as good as they claim to be why do they have to lock you into a contract?

How SoTellUs Gets You Reviews


If you are in front of your customers you can easily and immediately collect reviews in less then 30 seconds from them using the SoTellUs app. Simply open the app on your phone or tablet and ask your customer if they would help you out by quickly giving you a review. They will enter their name, phone number or email, give you a star rating, and record the video review or write the review right then.

Text Message Invite

Send an invite via text message to your clients through the app on your phone or through the backend of your SoTellUs.com account. Open the app and simply enter their name and phone number and hit send. They will instantly get that invite via text. If you are at the office you can easily login to your SoTellUs.com account, click on invite, put in their name and phone number and send that same text invite.

Email Invite

Send an email invite to your clients through the app on your phone or through the backend of your SoTellUs.com account. Open the app and simply enter their name and email address and hit send. They will instantly get the invite via email. If you are at the office you can easily login to your SoTellUs.com account, click on invite, put in their name and email and send that same email invite.

Keyword Invite

Clients who sell products or speakers who are in front of large groups can have a "Text Keyword" setup. After a customer sends a keyword text message they will instantly receive a text invite asking them to review the product. Clients can even order keyword cards to ship with their products. These cards ask customers to text a keyword to review the product. Speakers can have a slide in their presentation that provides the phone number and keyword for the audience to text. We are proud to boast some of the top speakers in the world use SoTellUs to generate 1,000's of reviews from their attendees.

Upload Customer List

Easily upload your customer list and our system will email and text your customers for you to collect reviews. With our follow up system we get more reviews for our customers then the other reviews systems out there. Our proprietary reposting system will let you know what the customers have done in the invite process. you will know who clicked on the invites, who didn't, if they clicked but didn't complete the review, and who has completed the reviews. If they have not completed the review our patent pending system will automatically follow up with them 2 times reminding them to complete their review for you.

The Process

Get Powerful Customer Reviews Instantly

Get the most powerful customer reviews possible by capturing them on video! Using our proprietary app you can collect Video, Audio, or Written reviews from your customers in less then 30 seconds.

Your Best Marketing Automated For You

All you have to do is get the review and then SoTellUs takes care of the rest. Your 4 and 5 star customer reviews immediately show up on your website. You don't have to do anything, this process is automated.

The Social Proof Your Company Needs

Its not enough to just have a website these days. You need to be in front of your clients where they are hanging out, Social Media! With SoTellUs thats as easy as clicking a button. You can easily share these powerful customer reviews to your social media sites. You get to choose which reviews you share with one simple click.

What Do Potential Customers See When They Google You

Thanks to sites like Google and Amazon potential customers will research you and make a decision before they ever talk to you. When they search for your business online what are they finding? Luckily with our system when people search for your business your SoTellUs reviews can show up multiple times on the top of the search engines proving to those potential customers that you are the best company to do business with.

Get More Referrals

Once your customer is done giving you a review SoTellUs will instantly ask them to share their review and a special offer from you to all their Facebook friends. Their friends and family can click to claim the offer which will send you their contact info letting you know they just claimed the offer. It will even tell you who referred them. This way you can contact them to get them scheduled.

Why Customer Reviews Are Important
And How They Help Your Business

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

67% of shoppers spend more online after recommendations from online community of friends.

90% of consumers say that their buying decisions were influenced by positive reviews.

72% Of Consumers Say That Positive Reviews Make Them Trust A Local Business More.

85% Of Consumers Say They Read Up To 10 Reviews.

Almost 9 out of 10 consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience.

How Do Bad Reviews Hurt You?

75% of people don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements.

86% of consumers were influenced by negative reviews.

Businesses risk losing as many as 22% of their customers with just one negative review.


So What Do You Do With Reviews?

Share Reviews With The World

The first thing you should do is get your reviews in front of your circle of influence. The easiest way to do this is sharing your reviews on your social media sites. This way you stay in front of your customers and potential customers opening yourself up for new jobs and referrals. Top of the mind awareness is crucial when it comes to getting referrals.

Be Found Where Your Customers Are Searching

Potential customers will use search engines to find out more about your products or services. You want your reviews to be showing up when they are doing these searches. There is nothing more powerful then someone else talking about how amazing your products and services are.

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