ClickCease SoTellUs leverages your previous clients to get more referrals

Leverage your clients to get more referrals

The SoTellUs Platform leverages your clients to get you more referrals through social media, special offers and automation.

SoTellUs referrals dashboard

SoTellUs is an amazing review application that gives authentic feedback from real customers. Love the fact your customer can communicate effortlessly on video to share their experience!

- Ken Rochon

__  Social Media Referrals

Leverage your clients social media to get more referrals

After a client gives you a review, they will be asked to share a special offer on their facebook page to all their family & friends. With a click of a button, SoTellUs will post the review your client just gave you combined with a special offer from your company to your client's facebook page in front of all of their friends and family. So your client is promoting your company and sharing an offer that any of their friends and family can claim, generating referrals for your business.

Social Media Referrals With Offer
SoTellUs referrals form

__  Automated Referrals

Ask every client for a referral on auto-pilot

Even if your client does not share the special offer on their Facebook page, we will ask them to refer someone to your business. By filling out a quick form, they can refer a potential customer to your business.

__ Accelerate business growth

Track every referral and reward your loyal customers

SoTellUs will track every referral you receive, what offer they claimed and who referred them. This system will make it easy for you to reward your "Super Fans" that recommend your business to all of their friends and family.

SoTellUs Referrals dashboard

Increase your customer traction by 25% using the SoTellUs Referral System

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