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SEO is about clients finding you over your other competitors and seeing how great your business is. SoTellUs helps you you rank on google so that you can get more clients.

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Businesses that utilize SEO can greatly increase their customer abundance by up to 75% more than businesses that don't.

__ SoTellUs Widget

The SoTellUs widget is a great way to boost customer engagement on your website

Adding the SoTellUs widget to your website helps your site to rank higher in Google by increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your website. One of the best ways to get visitors to spend time on the site is giving them hundreds of reviews to look through. Additionally, video is the best way to increase engagement and SoTellUs is the only review platform that has video reviews for your visitors to watch. All of this combined is a great way to help your website rank higher in Google.

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SoTellUs profile page ranks on Google

__ SoTellUs Profile

The SoTellUs profile page ranks higher on google search engines

You may find it difficult to get your business on the first page of google search results. Your SoTellUs Profile page contains your most important business information and is optimized to rank quickly in the search engines and with millions of visitors each month to the SoTellUs website, your profile page will move up quickly in Google making sure your positive reviews are seen by your potential customers.

__ Powerful Links

SoTellUs builds powerful links to your website

The SoTellUs website gets millions of visitors each month. That volume of traffic gives the website a higher trust and authority with Google. Every time you get a new review on your SoTellUs profile page, our platform creates another link to your website passing along "Google Ranking Juice" to your site. That "Google Ranking Juice" from each link will help your website move up in ranking as well.

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SoTellUs Chat is the only comprehensive platform for customer experience that offers a range of products that scale with your business. Check out our other products that work well with SoTellUs Chat.

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